Monday, July 8, 2013

Our Fun Family Vacation

Carl & I in Seattle
This last week we went back to the state of Washington to revisit where Carl & I spent the first few years of our married lives.  We have always wanted to take a trip back, and we decided now was the time to do it.
First we went to Seattle.  We went to Pike Place Market to show the kids around there.  They were surprised that the downtown streets were cobblestone and not real concrete. For lunch we went to one of my favorite places ever in my whole life to eat which is Ivar's Fish Bar.  We had fish & chips and clam chowder which were all totally delicious!

Fish & Chips and Chowder at Ivar's
Next, we made our way to the Space Needle in Seattle and took the kids up to the top of the Space Needle.  It was not a cheap excursion.  We began to ponder the decision when the kids got up to the top and within ten minutes or so were ready to go down.  They said they wanted to go to the mall.  The mall?  Really?  Carl said he felt a little like he was going to turn into Clark Griswold, because he wanted to say, "Hey I paid for this, and you are going to have fun on this family vacation whether you like it or not."

The kids at the Space Needle
Luckily, neither one of us ended up saying that.  Instead, we realized we now live in a smaller town.  We have noticed that when we go to a bigger city, the kids want to go to the mall.  Not that our town doesn't have it's own mall, but bigger malls are apparently better.  So, we headed to the mall.  Lauren pretended to water bend at the mall which was pretty funny.  If you have ever watched the show Avatar, you would understand.

Lauren water bending
We then went to Gas Works Park to watch the Fourth of July fireworks.  That was the end of day one.

Our free hot rock spa treatment
Day two, we headed up to Oak Harbor, WA where Carl served in the military.  We went to the ocean, and the kids were able to smell the smell of decaying kelp which was not very appealing to them.  The girls and I used the warm sand to exfoliate our skin and used the hot rocks for a free spa treatment.  We headed into town, and Carl and I oohed and aahed over familiar sights such as our first apartment, the military base, or where I used to work.  The kids nodded politely, but you could tell it meant more to us to take this walk down memory lane than to the kids.

We stayed that night with old friends that had been in the military at the same time as Carl and were still enlisted.  How much fun it was reminiscing about days gone by and catching up on present day events.  Their kids and our kids had a blast together.  They had a good time in the hot tub and slept in a tent together.  Good times if you ask me.

The kids in the hot tub
The final day, we went to Port Ludlow to visit our aunt and uncle and attended a family reunion which they call the "Pow Wow".  Carl (Prince Hockey Puckie) and I (Princess Southern Peachie) had already received our Native American names at a Pow Wow many moons ago, and the kids were excited to attend and get their Native American names for the first time.  Their names were given and recorded as follows:  Madison (Princess Tiger Eyes), Nathan (Prince Sharp Shooter), and Lauren (Princess Flowing Feathers).  They were thrilled to join the infamous clan which was all done with lots of circumstance and laughs.  I have no doubt they will treasure their names for years to come.

The kids getting their Native American names
The next day we headed for home probably more tired than we began.  They say sometimes you need a vacation after your vacation, and I feel a little bit like that.  However, I came home somewhat renewed.  We had such fun as a family.  It was such a blessing to be able to go, and reconnect with friends and family.  We truly were thankful for the places we stayed, the people we saw, and for a safe trip.

We did not come home empty handed.  Uncle Gary and Aunt Marianna generously sent us home with fresh crab and clams plucked fresh out of the ocean.  I made a homemade crab chowder with carrots, celery, potatoes, heavy cream, and fresh crab this afternoon for lunch.  It was so delicious!  I made fried clams for dinner which were a hit as well.  We came home safe with happy hearts and happy bellies.  It was truly a fantastic trip!


  1. Oh how nice. that is funny that we came from that direction to montana the very week you left this area for that one:) I just had to laugh at your daughter water bending because our kids would have done the same thing.

  2. Jennifer-Maybe our kids should practice some water bending together sometime then! We would just have to find a fountain. :)