Monday, January 13, 2014

Finally, A Clever Way To Organize My Reward Cards

It's tip time!

If you are like me, I feel inundated with plastic reward cards.  I love what some of my reward cards do for me so I don't really want to downsize.  I have enough room in my wallet for a few of my reward cards, but the remaining cards reside in a stack in an inner pocket of my purse.  When I would need one, I would have to flip through every single one of them to find the one I needed for that particular store.  Then I saw this fabulous idea on Pinterest and thought it was too helpful not to share.

You take your reward card, punch a hole in one of the corners, and slip them onto a ring called a loose-leaf or binder ring.  Rings are sold at office supply stores or superstores.

Be careful where you punch your holes.  Look on the front & back and do not punch over the following:

  • the magnetic strip
  • your card number
  • the card rules or stipulations
  • the toll free number for your reward card
  • any other important information
I only punched holes in my plastic cards, not paper business cards.  Also, I alphabetized them so I could flip through and find the one I needed quickly.  I tried my best to have all of the cards facing up and all facing the same direction so I could see them easily as I flipped through them.  However, due to the the magnetic strip or other numbers on the back, I was not always able to have them face the same direction.  In those cases, I just made sure the fronts of the card were always facing up.

Double check where you are going to punch your holes.  Remember the carpenter's rule which is "measure twice and cut once".  I suggest putting your card up to ring and see how it is going to lay on the ring.  You wouldn't think where you put the hole makes a difference, but it does on how it lays in the pile.  

I went to the doctor today and flipped through my ring to find my insurance card.  The ladies at the desk oohed and aahed over my ringed contraption as I showed them how easy it was to find the card I needed.  One of them said she was going home to do this with her cards. Being better organized saves time, and I like that.  Happy organizing!

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