Monday, January 12, 2015

4 Helpful Lists For Your Home

It's tip time!
I am getting to an age, and I will admit it, that I have to write things down, or I will not remember to do them.  To do lists or appointments or a phone call I need to make need to be written down in order for something not to get lost in the busyness of  my life.
One way I keep things organized is with a three ring binder which I have created to keep personal household lists.  In this notebook, I have several lists.  Here are some of my favorites.

On this list, I list what needs to be mended such as:
  • the hem of a work skirt
  • the handle of my workout bag which is coming unraveled
  • a button which has fallen off
I have a list where I list all of our magazine subscriptions as well as any gift subscriptions.  On this list is the following:
  • the name of the magazine
  • when I paid for the subscription
  • how long I signed up for
  • when the subscription will be due again
I love this list, because it seems my magazines will send notices saying the subscription is about to expire when I still have 6 months left on the subscription.  I personally think it is a way they try to trick you.  I can look and know it is too early to pay.  I also think the closer you wait to when the subscription is due, you will get a better deal on the subscription.
Ever lend a book or a movie to someone, but you can't remember who.  This is a great list to use to remind you who borrowed the item and what they borrowed.  Check on the status of the borrowed item after one month or whatever time seems reasonable for the item.  On this list you will need the following:
  • the item which was borrowed
  • who borrowed the item
  • when they borrowed it
  • when the item was returned
Make a sheet for each car you own or even have a separate book just for cars.  When you have a car repair or service, list it on your sheet.  This is helpful with car maintenance or even to not be duped at the car repair shop when they tell that you need a new air filter, and you can see you replaced it two months ago.  What I put on this list is:
  • the date of service
  • the mileage
  • the service facility
  • what repairs were done
  • what repairs were recommended
All of these lists can be made simply on Excel in a matter of minutes.  Once your template is made, you can reprint it out indefinitely or just update your list on your document on the computer.  If you choose to do this electronically, keep all your lists in one file labeled PERSONAL, for example, but be sure to always keep an original, blank template.

Here's to staying organized in 2015!

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